Blogging For Foyles Book Shops

The very kind Jonathan Ruppin @tintiddle (on twitter) offered me the opportunity to write a blog for the Foyles website, which  has a ton of really interesting blogs, many from authors and about writing. I was asked to write a little bit about intersex for the uninitiated, and so did my best to give a brief rundown of some of the key points, and talk a little bit about what our treatment of intersex individuals can say about how we as a society view gender. Hope you enjoy!

To read the blog please click here!

Lone Wolf Magazine profile: ‘Return of the Literary Rock Star’

MAN did I love this article in Lone Wolf. They did an eight page spread with a gorgeous photo shoot by Lonnie Webb with make up by Phoebe Dawson, hair by Erika Barquinero and wardrobe by Dara Schafer. In fact they sent me a copy in the mail and I absolutely LOVE this magazine! Their shoots were gorgeous and the articles were so well-written – even the freakin’ paper quality was beautiful! So thick and matte… ahhh… #bookfreak

Lone Wolf is a Toronto based indie magazine. What I particularly like about them is that they are a fashion mag not afraid to be political and feminist. I think we are still scared of feminists in England. Even though it’s better than ten years ago, we characterize them still as angry, hairy, almost masculine women. And that doesn’t make sense at all!

In the States they have a truly terrible political right, but their left is pretty awesome. When it comes to feminism it’s cool even at twelve to be into the empowerment of women, to refuse to shave your armpit, and yeah maybe to dye your armpit hair purple and listen to Nirvana, what?

And in Canada… I mean, wow… Canada. It was my favourite stop on my tour this spring (don’t tell anyone). The people were just so nice and welcoming and hard-working and awesome (the Simon & Schuster Canada team is SO ACE I basically wanted to work there when I met them) and clearly they have a lot of talented people if Lone Wolf is anything to go by. And may I say, what an awesome name.

So pick it up! Stockists in London are

Good News 23 Berwick St W1v
Compton News 48 Old Compton St W1
Wardour News 118 Wardour St W1
WHsmith @ Selfridges 400 Oxford St W1
Rococo 12 Elgin Cres W11
Capital News 115 Tot’nhm Ct Rd W1
Thrive News W12 Westfield London W12
Artwords (shoreditch) Rivington St Ec2
Artwords (broadway Market) London
Soho’s Original Bookshop 13 Brewer St, W1f
Charlotte Street News 66 Chalotte St, W1t

Golden Boy in School Library Journal’s ‘Best Books of 2013’!

Golden Boy is one of three Atria Books titles to be selected by the School Library Journal as one of the best books of 2013! Also selected is Ordinary Grace,  by William Kent Krueger, which I absolutely loved, and also came out from my editor at Atria! Very honoured to be mentioned with this book – and also alongside Neil Gaiman! WOW!

SLJ says about Golden Boy:

“TARTTELIN, Abigail. Golden Boy . S & S/Atria. Tr $24.99. ISBN 9781476705804.

Attractive, charismatic Max is intersex, born with both male and female organs. He’s able to keep it a non-issue until he hits puberty. But after suffering a violent rape, the young man realizes that he must be the one to claim his own sexuality. Teens will love kindhearted Max, whose journey through adolescence is a nightmare few will experience. (”

See the full list here.

Abby on BBC Woman’s Hour with Jenni Murray

What a privilege to chat to Jenni Murray of BBC Woman’s Hour about Golden Boy! As I slipped in the studio for my segment Jenni whispered that she had read Golden Boy and LOVED the book. Also on the show was intersex activist Holly Greenberry from Intersex UK, who it was a pleasure to get to know. Jenni was a wonderful host – and it has to be said, Woman’s Hour is one of my favourite radio shows!

Listen in to the conversation here.

September News: Golden Boy Publishes In Taiwan!

Towards the end of Sept, Golden Boy will be out in Taiwan! This is the second foreign language country to publish Golden Boy. El Chico De Oro is already out in Spain and garnering great reviews and HUGE interviews in La Vanguardia, El Pais and most of the big, beautiful newspapers in both Spanish and Catalan. The novel is too due to publish in Holland, Italy, China and Brazil over the next year, and is already published in over 75 countries in the English language. Amazing!

大家好,我是 Abigail Tarttelin, 《不能说的病历书》是我的第一本小说。

The Global Morning Show ! Tuesday, Tuesday… (does that work?)

Tuesday morning I was up at 6am – not too bad! I thought – at met Rita in the lobby at 7.35 to do Global Morning News – another national news programme. This one was a round table, with four presenters, which felt a little different from the day before. The green room was actually right next to the studio and with no door between, and with groovy green chairs. Weirdly, Sherry last night looked EXACTLY like Laura Linney (who I love), the author speaking shortly before me looked pretty much exactly like Annette Benning (love) and the presenter looked like Kristen Wigg (LOVE) and was doing all her facial expressions. 

A very cool looking comedian (Elvira Kurt) went on before me, and I scooted off to make up, where we chatted about how much the presenter looked like Kristen. The v nice MUA said that the presenter’s son had actually pointed to a movie with Wigg in once and asked if that was Mom!

So I went on – moments to spare, they were counting down the seconds as they mic’d me up – and the presenters were so nice and so interested and I had a great conversation! Thanks SO much guys! Afterwards the Kristen Wigg presenter – real name  Liza Fromer – asked me to sign her book and I told her she looked like Kristen doing an impression of a broadcaster. She was SO nice! And has such a great sense of humour. They (she and the other presenter) said they had a photo of her alongisde Wigg on one show, because they looked so alike. This post is all about Kristen Wigg suddenly…

Then, after the interview, we zipped back to the Thompson hotel and I headed for the rooftop bar to do an interview with the lovely Jared Bland for the Globe & Mail! Fantastic! And what a great interview – all about books! It got me thinking… and then I had to fly! Bye Toronto! Thanks for a wonderful weekend! Bye Rita and Team S&S Canada! Lots of love!

Well – THANK YOU Jared and THANK YOU Global Morning News! I had a great day! Watch the real interview here on the Global TV site.