This week I have been mostly…finishing a book edit! 

[photo above is Rants Zine – all those ordered online get hand drawn illustration or collage – order here]

Damn it, I’m a day late for posting and I didn’t even realize!! That’s because this week has been so awesome/busy/wait…what was I doing?

I’m in the awesome/busy headspace TODAY (Tues 1st March) because this week is already really exciting but I think it’s skewing my vision of last week, which is what I’m supposed to be blogging about.

Ah hell, I’ll kinda do both.

So, last week was my last few days before my (self-imposed) BOOK DEADLINE. I work so much better to self-imposed-anything. I just don’t think I’m set up – in ANY part of my life – to react to external stimuli of praise or pressure. Don’t get me wrong – praise is great! What really means a lot to me is when people say Golden Boy (for instance) has changed their life/mind. In a larger sense, that makes me feel like I’m doing something worthwhile with my life, and in a smaller sense, makes me happy and in a good mood all day. But, for instance, thinking, ‘oh maybe one day I’ll win the booker and be written about in The Guardian’ doesn’t make me sit down and work. Thinking ‘I am excited to learn about intersexuality and to do better than the last manuscript I wrote’ DOES make me work. It’s the same with (for instance) skateboarding. Thinking I’m gonna be great at it is fun but doesn’t do the same for me as thinking ‘if I keep doing this trick over and over, I’ll get it’. Internal vs external stimuli (kind of).

I tend to drag my heels the last few days however. There is a lot of bitty work (remember from two weeks ago I talked about editing?). But there was also a really interesting chapter to write about incarceration, which was so much fun to do. I’ve added a character in this draft that has been the MOST fun to research. I love to find everything out about a topic and pour it into a book. As a reader, I also like to learn while I read. That’s why I will always come back to Jodi Picoult’s novels. Like watching a documentary and reading a novel at the same time!

So last week was a little slow, but hey… I got there. I finished my edit of the new book LITERALLY at 11.59pm, Monday Feb 29th. And now it’s in with my agent. 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

Of course, as it always happens after you do a lot of hard, sometimes interesting, sometimes slow, work, this week I am feeling some real MOMENTUM!! Cool stuff to tell you soon, merry readers!

In this week’s news: Rants Zine stuff!!!! But obviously more on that in next week’s blog. Woohoo!!