Rants Zine in Huffington Post <3

Very happy to read Jessie Thompson’s run down of the zine I edit, I Hope You Like Feminist Rants, which you can order online here, or buy in The Book Fayre, Woodhall Spa in the UK, and Skylight Books, in Los Angeles.

A wee excerpt: “…it produces some really frank, eloquent writing (one of the best pieces is from Tarttelin herself, on why men need feminism).

A space to explore longheld assumptions is vital; in one essay, Julia Callahan says she was wrong to think that saying no to abortion and having a child at 15 “was equivalent to a death sentence”. It’s a boldly honest piece of writing that made me question my own entrenched beliefs.

It feels like the carving out of a really productive, useful space for women to speak. ”

Read the full article here.