Menino De Ouro getting some air time! 03/12/13

I’m so thrilled to have such wonderful editors and publishers, not only in the UK and USA, but in Spain, Italy, Holland, Turkey, Taiwan, China and most recently published: BRAZIL! Golden Boy is out in Portuguese and I had so much fun recording this video introducing the book in Portuguese and have been thrilled with Globo Livros, my Brazilian publisher (also publisher of Brazilian Vogue, although I was sad to note this does not get me a lifetime subscription or an ad next to Natalia Vodianova), who made the awesome book trailer for Menino De Ouro embedded here.

But wait! There’s more! Menino De Ouro is getting some real love from readers and reviewers and I read and watch every review and am so excited it is reaching so many people! Click here for a lovely shout out from Sergio Viula who let me know he adored the book on my facebook page!

The cool new thing I’ve been discovering too are video reviews. Here’s one from Cabine Literia, another from Cadu Barzotto, another from LidoLendo, another from João Michels, ANOTHER from Psychobooks, one more from Cocota Nerd….

WOW! Thank you Brazilian and Portuguese readers! The adventure continues…

* And I’ve been told about so many more since I put up this article! THANK you Brazil!! Here’s another: :)

* Another addition, check out this Brazilian review site SKOOB, this article from Doistercos, this one from Fetiche Litteratus and this from Livros e Chocolate Quente and this notice from PublishNews!