Abby interviewed on Rants Zine for Get Into This

Thanks to writer Cath Bore for interviewing me for Get Into This. Cath writes zines are making a comeback.

An excerpt of me chatting away: “…something dangerous is happening on the internet: a tendency to no-platform, or aggressively troll those we disagree with. A silencing of women and feminists, by feminists and progressives. I think disagreement is healthy. I know we are strong enough to be able to argue against viewpoints we might find upsetting, and tolerant enough to listen to a point of view that is different from our own. But this is not the culture of the internet. By creating a paper zine, we can share ideas face to face, and perhaps have a more human reaction to writers who have been brave enough to put their ideas out into the world, hoping to make it a better place.”

Read the full article here.

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