GILRBOY: A Feminist Band

In late 2014, I started a band with a long time friend of mine, Michael Reeve. Mike is a beautiful solo artist in his own right, and we’re very excited to be working together. Our first single was “Jennifer Lawrence”,

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I have recently been dabbling in directing, shooting several music videos in the UK, and am really enjoying it.

The featured video is a cover of Bon Iver’s Flume by a good friend of mine, British singer songwriter Michael Reeve, which I shot

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I am represented by manager Amy Schiffman at IPGLM for screen projects, and am currently working on several TV pitches.

In the UK, I have collaborated with writer, actor and great buddy Andy Squires, to write for screen under the moniker To The Nth. We have

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Flick: A Novel

Flick is my debut novel. Out in 2011, it was written when I was 19-21. Below is a little information about the book…

“Tarttelin…is one of the better contemporary writers we have and more people should know about and celebrate her work.” Netgalley

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Journalism / Editorships

I have written for various publications, including espousing the value of libraries in The Guardian online, and blogging for The Huffington Post. From September 2011 to September 2014, I was the Books Editor for fashion quarterly Phoenix Magazine, where I recommended reads, bigged up

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Although I’m concentrating on writing at the moment, before all the typing I had been acting in indie Brit flicks, music videos, adverts and short films for a good few years. Moviescope Magazine named me a ‘One To Watch’ for work in films

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