When her best friend Billie is found murdered, eleven-year-old Thera – fearless and forthright – considers it her duty to find the killer.

Aided by a Ouija board, Billie’s ghost, and the spirits of four other dead girls, she’s determined to succeed. The trouble with Thera, though, is that she doesn’t always know when to stop – and sometimes there’s a fine line between doing the right thing and doing something very, very bad indeed.

Tense, visceral and thought-provoking, Dead Girls is the new novel from Abigail Tarttelin, the critically acclaimed author of Golden Boy.

Author's Note

This novel is dedicated to the dead and missing girls. According to UNICEF, every ten minutes an adolescent girl dies a violent death.

May they not be so defined by their deaths and the short stretch of their years as to rest in the narrative of collective memory as angelic victims.

May we see them as fully formed, even flawed, complex human beings deserving of life without the necessity for canonisation.

May we teach girls not to be obedient, digestible, and decorative, but to fight with teeth and mind and fists; to see themselves as potential victors, and not ineluctable victims.

Abigail Tarttelin
May 2018

Praise & Prizes

“DEAD GIRLS by Abigail Tarttelin is a richly dark and gripping thriller. The things we tell young girls to keep them safe might be the most dangerous of all. An utterly compelling page-turner that will stay with me for a LONG time. ORDER A COPY NOW.” – Samantha Baines, comedian and author of Poentry

“Gripping doesn’t begin to cover it. Feminist, bold, shocking, packed with little epiphanies.” – Shelley Harris, author of Jubilee and Vigilante

“DEAD GIRLS by Abigail Tarttelin is one disturbing, challenging, and terrifying book. Harriet the Spy is all grown up – and readying herself to take on the darkness of the adult world. This somehow manages to combine mystery, thriller, horror, and a lovely elegy to a lost friendship.” – Emma Flint, author of Little Deaths

“A thought-provoking and unflinching novel with a gutsy and memorable young protagonist at its core.” – Culturefly, “15 Best New Fiction Books To Read This Spring”

“A book that rightly offers women a voice in how to defend themselves.” –

A word on the audiobook…

“I produce a lot of audiobooks. DEAD GIRLS really stands out. Damaged, magnificent Thera shines like a modern Holden Caulfield. Read quite brilliantly by Katy Sobey. Potentially a future classic, and i’m a picky, cynical bastard.” – Leo Whetter, producer

“A really, really brilliant story that inspired so much discussion. I’ve told everyone to read/listen to it when it comes out! Was an absolute pleasure to record.” – Katy Sobey, audiobook narrator