I’m off to the states with Golden Boy!!!!

If you’ve been following my instagram, you’ll have seen me land last week in Washington. I’m taking a little detour to LA to prepare some cool treats for you and maybe even to start on my summer tan :)

But the tour really kicks up on the 17th, when I’ll be flying back to Washington and travelling to Gaithersburg Book Festival. I’m going to attempt to video blog a lot. A warning: I get shy on video blogs. So you might be seeing a more confident me towards the end of the month!

Long story short, my wonderful American publishers Atria, and my brilliant Canadian publishers, Simon and Schuster Canada, are sending me on a tour. Me and my copy of Golden Boy are heading to Washington, New York, Boston, Colorado, Toronto, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and LA in the next month, and we would love you to join us! Whether you come to an event, or take part in the blog tour by following this blog or instagram or facebook or twitter, I hope you will be entertained and informed about what it’s like to do a book tour! My first! Yay!!!

As Kirk says, buckle up…

Welcome to my home!

I’m so pleased is finally online! I’ve been waiting for a long time to find someone who could whip me up a fully functioning site that had a vibe that felt ‘me’, and my web designer and builder Mark Wilson at was such a find. He had designed several Bat For Lashes websites I loved, and his inimitable style and creativity can be seen throughout the site.  Thanks Mark!

This is a space where all my different interests come together: books, writing for performance, acting, nature and live readings. There will also be plenty for readers! Check out the blog to follow my US tour and receive little ‘treats’ from the cities I visit, enter a competition to win a Golden Boy, read an excerpt of the novel and lots more to come!

Thanks for visiting!

Abby xoxo