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About Abby

Hi, I’m Abby. I am a writer, human, artist, band member, feminist,...


Hi, I’m Abby. I am a writer, human, artist, band member, feminist, environmentalist, and food lover.

I like to create books, videos, songs, and drawings; to eat food (my favorite cuisines are Asian and South American); to spend time with my family and friends; and to experience the world through traveling. I love nature and would like to live outdoors, if only the laptop situation was easier. I have a passion for Instagram.

I am very interested in how the concept of gender affects us, and how we can, as individuals, decide to look at each other as people and not genders. I am a humanist, which means I believe in the power of people and not in religions. As a feminist, I try to support women, men and the non-binary to be able to live freely and equally without the repression of assumption or gendered thinking. I believe in peace, love, happiness, welfare, libraries, free healthcare, and free education for all ages, and am a member of the Green Party in the UK.

I have two published novels, and have written for The Guardian online, The Huffington Post, and edited the Books section of Phoenix Magazine (2011-2014). I also edit a zine called I Hope You Like Feminist Rants.

I am one half of a feminist band called GIRLBOY. Our singles “Jennifer Lawrence” and “Girls Won’t Mind” are out now on iTunes (also watch our cool videos on youtube). I would like to continue to write books, and also to make art in many different ways.

Notable achievements:

Winner of an American Library Association ALEX Award for adult books with special meaning for teens for GOLDEN BOY (2014)

Shortlisted for a LAMBDA Award for Best Debut LGBT Fiction for GOLDEN BOY (2014)

Named one of the most powerful 25 people under 25 in London. England, and a ‘Power 1000″ person, by the London Evening Standard (2013)

Moviescope Magazine named me a One To Watch actress for my work in tiny indie Brit flicks like Taxi Rider.