Yes, I’ll be playing the big London date at 7pm, September 9th at the Battersea Literature Festival in their ‘Brilliant Under 30s’ section (I’m not sure how much brilliance is required, but perhaps I should wear something super metallic?)! I’m looking forward to talking writing with French author Oscar Coop-Phane whose Zenith Hotel won the Prix de Flores, and fellow Brit Rachel Chadwick, author of 60 Postcards.

It’s a ticketed event and along with the ticket price of £5 I can offer an exclusive deal: afterwards I’ll stick around talking and drinking in a writerly fashion Hemingway would have been proud of. Call 0207 223 2223 to book for ‘Brilliant Under 30s’ at Waterstones, 70 St John’s Road. Check out their display below – Golden Boy gets pride of place! Woop! <3


Feminist Barbie Episode One Online Now! 14/08/14

Ken is left slack-jawed in shock at the close of a quiet Sunday morning. But why?

I’m not going to explain this, other than that I wanted to make something for fun, feminism and to practice a girls-to-the-front aesthetic. These are all Barbies I have owned for years and I do everything including the editing (in FCP X). I’ll be posting these every Thursday until I just can’t take it anymore. ;) Enjoy!

Public Service Announcement: The Summer Tour continues… In CARDIFF! <3 13/08/14

Yes! I can’t wait to see you all at The Hayes Waterstones, Cardiff on 26th August! I’ll be signing books and chatting to peeps and who knows what else! Maybe a reading? Maybe tucking into some food? Probably both. Looking forward to returning to the country of my Nan’s birth for the first time since a feature film I was in screened at Cardiff’s film festival wayyy back in 2009! Yippee!

Oo check out the Beacons blurb… 01/08/14

So excited about this – not least because I get to be at Beacons all week! Also, I’m very much looking forward to the Writing Workshop. I edit short fiction for every issue of Phoenix Magazine and I’m amazed to see how many brilliant writers there are out there – some of whom must have yet to pick up their pens. Since I’m not an English teacher and I never went to a creative writing course at uni, this will be my own brand of thought and approach to writing, including uber practical secrets and ways to cheat – for instance, a two-step guide to writing plot. Would anyone be interested in downloading a free version of this online?? Facebook fans say yes. Anyway, SEE YOU THERE  <3